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haley's faves

Bring it back to the end of March 2022, on a rare, blissful spring day with blue skies and a glimmering sun in the evening. The retail store at Wright's Dairy Farm and Bakery has just closed for the day, and the staff members have cleaned and prepped for what adventures lay in the morrow. As they each clocked out of their shifts, Kya Boissel, an interdepartmental employee for both The Wright Scoop and Wright's Dairy Farm and Bakery, suggested that we all try out some old Test Batch Club flavors that were left in the hall cooler. Even though she is lactose intolerant, Haley Gamel, a retail worker and new marketing assistant, decided to see what she would fancy to bring home. She picked out the Green Tea, Matcha, Cold Brew, and Chocolate-Covered Expresso Bean flavors. After giving all of those ice cream pints their due time (in her stomach), she arrived at a favorite: the Cold Brew! It did not make it to the official menu of The Wright Scoop, but there are similar flavors to try out like Coffee or even Coffee Oreo.

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