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Test Batch Club









Our first-ever Test Batch Club theme

Enjoy a pie-themed ice cream lineup including (but not limited to)

Chocolate Cream Pie, Whoopie Pie and Grasshopper Pie.

Starting in January 2024, Test Batch Club members receive

13 straight weeks of new ice cream creations — inspired by

real pies we've baked and sold at our Bakery for over 50 years.

Join the club and become an official taste tester!


Sweet as Pie!

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About the Test Batch Club

Wright's Test Batch Club is an exclusive interactive membership club that gives ice cream fans the opportunity to contribute to our ever-evolving ice cream offerings.

The Club starts each year in January and runs for 13 straight weeks. Each week members pick up their trial ice cream pint and provide feedback via online surveys. Members have exclusive access to these small-batch flavors. 

As a member, you'll:

  • Receive 13 weeks of ice cream, reserved just for you (including multiple weeks of great add-ons).
    Pick up at one of 3 locations (North Smithfield, Providence or Warren, RI).

  • Be the first to taste-test our newest ice cream creations.

  • Have access to share your thoughts through online surveys, which are used to develop the ice cream menu for upcoming seasons.

Hundreds have already joined the Coolest Club Around. What are you waiting for?

Your Feedback Matters

We strive to provide a high-quality, unique customer experience

that can be shared amongst friends and family members of all ages.

We send weekly surveys to our Test Batch Club members and use their feedback to determine which trial flavors get added to our yearly rotating menu.

We recommend filling yours out as you try each pint for the first time!

Check out last year's flavors and feedback below!

Questions, comments, concerns?
Email us at

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