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Test Batch Club 


The Test Batch Club is an exclusive interactive membership club that gives fans of Wright’s Creamery and The Wright Scoop the opportunity to contribute to our ever-evolving ice cream offerings. The Club provides the framework for ideas to be explored, trialed, and continuously improved with an abundance of open feedback. We strive to provide a high-quality, unique customer experience that can be shared amongst friends and family members of all ages. 


The Club starts in January and runs for 13 straight weeks. Each week members pick up their trial ice cream pint and provide feedback via online surveys. Members have exclusive access to these small-batch flavors.


Where to Purchase a Membership

  • Online using button below

  • Wright's Dairy Farm and Bakery (in the Cake Shop)

    • Sunday - Wednesday: 9:00am - 6:00 p.m.

    • Thursday - Saturday: 8:00am - 7:00 p.m.

Register your membership beginning November 1st!

Once you purchase your membership you will have to register online using your unique registration code. This will ensure we have all the correct information on file for your membership. It will also make it easier to gift a membership to someone else. Information on how to register will be emailed to you if you purchase online or given to you if you purchase in person.

All communication will happen via email and through our website. If this is a barrier for you, we recommend sharing your membership with a tech-savvy relative or friend.

Please note that all information and settings chosen at registration can not be changed mid-season. 

Registration for the 2022 Test Batch Club begins November 1st.

All members MUST be registered by: 12/31/21.