Test Batch Club 




Where and when can I pick up my ice cream?

Where? Pints can only be picked up from the location that you selected at registration. When? The schedule for pick up is determined by your pick up location. Click here for the most up-to-date pick-up information.

Can I pick up my ice cream on a different day?

The days and times of operation varies for each pick-up location. Please see the pint pick up page for more information. Reminder: Pints must be picked up within two weeks of its release date

Can I send someone else to pick up my ice cream?

Yes, please make sure they are giving the member’s name when they pick up and not their own.

What if I am unable to pick up my ice cream one week?

No problem, we hold pints for up to two weeks after the release date. Refer to the pint release schedule.


How do I become a member of the Test Batch Club?

Click here to find all the info you need to become a member. To purchase a membership online click here.

How many pints is it?

This year’s Test Batch Club is 13 weeks - one pint each week!

How do I give a membership as a gift?

When you purchase a membership you will receive a packet with all of the Test Batch Club information in a freezer bag. This can be given as a gift. Instructions on how to register the membership are included in the information packet.

Can I share my membership?

You certainly can share your pints! Please note, you will have to manage sharing on your own. Each paid membership includes one packet, one pint per week, and one weekly survey during the season.


What if I have an allergy to an ingredient in this week's flavor?

Sorry, there are no substitution “pints” if you have an allergy or do not like one week’s flavor. Feel free to share that pint with a friend or family member.


Where can I find the survey?

The survey will be sent to your email address in a weekly newsletter (sent on Sunday evenings). The most recent survey can be found on our TBC survey page . For past surveys, click here.

What if I do not fill out my survey right away?

All survey links can be found on our website here. To provide the best feedback, we do ask that you fill out the survey right after trying the flavor.

How will I know if I missed a survey?

We will send a confirmation email after each survey has been filled out. We recommend keeping these in your inbox until the end of the season so you can keep track.

Do you still have questions?

Email us at testbatchclub@wrightsdairyfarm.com and a member of our TBC team will reach out to you as soon as possible.